Monday, April 13, 2009

"The Rock"

As many of you know my spring ballet performance, Swan Lake, was last week. Absurd things happened about everynight and they all had to do with "the rock." Well somehow I was assigned to bring on Von Roth Bart's rock during a black out. For the first two nights I had problems but I mean at least the rock made it on. The really absurd thing happened on Thrusday. I had planned the most efficent way to move the rock on but of course it didn't turn out very well. Just as I was beginning to push the scenery on Von Roth Bart runs up and tells me that he will push it out. I agreed and started to move out of the way when he suddenly started yelling and swearing at me. It was sort of nerve racking so i just push the rock on as quickly as possible. Von Roth Bart was freaking out about missing his part so he came crashing into me. The impact was large and I swerved into the backdrop. Then I couldn't move the rock back so I just decided to leave. On my way off the stage I must have tripped a swan because I suddenly felt the brush of a tutu and then I saw someone crash into one of the stage hands. His microphone dropped to the ground and made a huge boom which the audience clearly heard. It was time for me to get out of there so I just ran out of the backstage area. My friend was standing there laughing, she saw the whole thing backstage. It was quite tramatic but I certainly know that I won't forget that performance!


Kristy said...

Wow, I'm sorry we missed that performance. It sounds very lively and full of excitement. We did enjoy the Friday evening performance where everything went smoothly and you performed beautifully.

B said...


who knew that
a-you were back into blogging
b-you need to blog more
c-you would be the cause of such commotion. As I was there and a witness to it all, I can say it was the bomb.
ps: you were of course, the best actress on stage
pps: I am sorry I cannot spell the drugs such as cocaine, unlike Erika, I never made it past the first round of the spelling bee :)

B said...

possibly you can tell the tale of your most recent performance, where you practically stole the show with your mastery of lyrics and acting abilities, or, you can wait and tell us what sort of trouble you cause at girls camp...

Chelsea said...

I thought Betsy's posts made me laugh, but then I discovered your blog! This story made my day-I was cracking up reading it. You and your fam have such an entertaining way of telling stories. Good job blogging; you go girl!