Saturday, July 18, 2009

Las Vegas

Way, way back the girls in my family all went to Las Vegas. The trip was very fun! We went shopping pretty much all day. By the end of the first day everyone was exhausted and I was STARVING! My sis, E was searching for a place for us to eat. There was only about three options, Burger Paradise, The Earl of Sandwhich, and The Pleasure Pit (which you don't exactly want to be seen in.) E was so tired that she suggested that we go to the Earl of Paradise. I thought it was absurdly funny. We ended up just going to bed... A few days later we were paying for some stuff at Barney's. Once again we were trying to decide where we were going to eat. I jokingly suggested, (well i pretty much yelled) that we go to the Earl of Pleasure. Everyone in the whole department store went queit and then there was a huge explosion of laughter. I was so embarrassed! I tried explain that I was just trying to make fun of E. I never really heard the end of the Earl of Pleasure. B and L call me EP which is super annoying.